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Don’t be afraid

Pure evil. Such a simple concept, isn’t it? Good vs. evil. It’s the foundation of every good book, every good movie, any good story. It’s a concept as old as humanity itself. Can everything really be boiled down to good vs. evil? Even our tattered society that every day seems crazier and closer to unraveling completely?

The tear has torn deeper. We divide ourselves in half, us vs. them. We turn away from one another and cocoon ourselves in our own correct perspectives. We don’t listen, we don’t even try to understand. We just write off the “other side” as, at the very least, ill-informed, if not just plain delusional. No compromise, no benefit of the doubt, not even a tiny step toward the middle. Why should I? After all, I’m the one who’s right!

The one who is most satisfied and thrilled by our human angst and anger is the Enemy. The Enemy has been manipulating us, using us, lying to us since the beginning of time. The Enemy feeds lavishly on our negative emotion. Nurtured by our many fears and suspicions, and feeding them back to us, it’s a dark web of disease that eventually destroys us. While the Enemy — fat, happy and laughing at us — only gets stronger. Lately, the Enemy has been dancing around this endless buffet of our rage and contempt toward one another, greedily lapping up every drop. Time to shut down the buffet…

“Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid because I am with you. In this world, you will have dark days, days that suck, days that will make you question everything and wonder if any of it is really worth it. But I have good news: I am bigger and badder than all of it. I’ve overcome all of it. And I’m with you, holding your hand, and I will never let go. Seriously, I mean never. I love you too much. I’ve chosen you. Even when you waver, you are still Mine and I’m not going anywhere. Period. So no matter what the world may throw at you, or how hopeless it all seems, I am still in control. You may not understand any of it. That doesn’t change the fact that you and I both know how this ends…

“In the meantime, I’ll hold you while you cry and mourn. I’ll cry with you. It’s okay. It’s okay that you cannot even imagine how much I love you or the wonderful gifts I have in store for you. But one day, I’ll show you. I’ll make everything new again and you will be beyond amazed! I can’t wait to show you!

“For now, don’t be afraid.

“Don’t be afraid.

“I am closer than your breath.

“Don’t be afraid.”



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2 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid

  1. Hi there – remember me? I keep emails and just reread one of ours about Malcolm Ivy’s book and thought I’d track you down since my blog for Jamie is here at WP. What you wrote here reminded me of a short story I wrote about a man – a recovering alcoholic, and a conversation he had in his head with the other side of himself who was keeping him company after his wife died a long painful death from cancer, keeping him in a dark place. The voice was so soothing, so loving and reminded him he would be with him always.

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  2. Almost speechless after reading what you just posted, my beloved! These are more than mere words on a page, skilfully designed, with the intent of somehow bridging the ever challenging divide between writer and reader. They are that, yet so much more.
    You have exposed your inmost emotions to find common ground with the heart of your readers, not just their brains. Yet you’ve gone even further. Some words convey spiritual life and power. Ultimately that’s what I sense. It is beautiful to behold, my Love!!

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